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Alright, so you’re here. Let me first welcome you and then introduce you with me and my Dearest Mom.

I am Little Ibrahim, born on January Nineteen, Twenty Nineteen in Karachi – Pakistan. 

Trust me, I have not created this website. It’s my mom who is behind the wheel because I literally have no time to manage this stuff. All I want is to eat, sleep, poo and repeat. And of course, to keep my parents awake when they want to hit the sack - atleast for the next 3 years. 

You must be wondering how it all started. My mommy was a quintessential blogger with good foothold in Digital PR. Because I wanted to come to this world, she had to take a break for a few months. However, she’s finally back in the game – not alone this time but with me (the not so famous Kidfluencer). She now works from home as a freelancer so she can spend more time with me.

That being said, my mom is the one who is representing me and running this website alongside managing my mess at home. She rules this website and she’s like the queen of my portfolio. She will make you view my pictures, videos and talent. 

I think she is really inspired by my success on my Instagram Account that led her to establish this website. Oh, just by-the-way, I have digital presence on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

Just in case you want genuine, fair, and informative reviews or blogs, you are on the right place. 

By the way, most of the times, I really get antsy but she knows how to calm me down. Sometimes, I make a faux pas of manners when I lick my hands but somehow, I never listen to her. Nevertheless, I am pretty friendly most days so feel free to contact me if you like.

Anyway, have a look around my site and follow my Instagram and Facebook pages to see the sort of cuteness I can produce. I am sure that we will continue to make exciting content.

Note: This website was established with an aim and focus as the go to source of inspiration for mothers and influence across babies and parenting.

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