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5 things you do not know about Formula Feeding

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

There is a top feed or formula feed which is not in any case a perfect substitute for breastfeeding. Well here are some facts you may not know about formula feeding and how it may affect your baby.

Formula-fed babies have a different poop

Well mothers have shared that they have seen a visible change in the poop of their babies fed on formula milk. According to them the smell is somewhat stronger and it is darker and thicker than the breast milk poop.

Babies do not digest breast milk and formula milk at the same rate

Yes, it is true that baby takes longer to digest formula milk than breast milk as breast milk contains more whey which makes it easy for the baby to digest it faster where as formula milk has more casein that babies digest more slowly.

Baby can be allergic to formula feed

Babies might be allergic to formula milk and it may cause diarrhoea, vomiting, fussiness around feedings or skin rashes.

Different babies drink different amounts

“Formula portions are not one size fits all” says Morris. She further said, “ Some babies need more calories than others and what is sufficient for one child may not be sufficient for other.”

Most Formula is basically the same.

Well you are confused to buy which formula milk for your baby in the grocery store. Do not worry, all formulas are created equal and are the same. The formula is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration which requires 29 specific nutrients in each serving .

Its all your choice & decision whether to Breast feed or give Formula Milk to your baby and remember that you will still be a great mother whatever you choose :)

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