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Product Review: How does the Philips Avent bottle and food warmer work?

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Philips have an electric bottle and baby food warmer that is mom’s best friend to help them get the food ready for their babies.

To warm a baby bottle either from the freezer or fridge in days gone past you would have simply placed the bottle in a bowl of boiling water until it felt warm on your hand or else put it in a microwave. Using boiling water means not only you have the mess and fuss of trying to submerge your bottle in hot water but it also takes quite a bit of time to get the right temperature. Although, the microwave is the quickest way but it can be dangerous as it causes hot spots which you can’t see or feel but can burn the baby’s mouth as well as damaging the nutritional value of the milk.

How does Philips Avent Bottle Warmer Work?

Philips Avent bottle warmer helps preserve nutrients and vitamins in the milk safely and gently without overheating it. You can simply program the unit whether you want to heat Milk or food that's frozen out of the fridge or at room temperature. Just place your bottle or food cup into the machine and fill the bottle warmer with an equal amount of water as milk in the bottle and move the dial to the right setting. You can use normal tap water for the best result. A neon light sets you know the unit is working. Consult the warming reference table on the box that makes it easy to calculate the correct and recommended heat-up time.

The device warms 4Oz of milk in as little as three minutes evenly by circulating the milk continuously to prevent hot spots. (Warning: Always check the milk for temperature before feeding your baby.)

There is an additional feature of keeping the milk warm if your baby wants a little break in between feeds. So what you can do is just set that function and put the milk bottle back in and it works really well.

Key Features

  • Warms quickly and evenly, no hot spots.

  • Gentle defrost setting for baby bottles.

  • Use to Warms baby food too.

  • Warms baby bottles in 3 minutes.

  • Compatible with Philips Avent Bottles and Containers.

  • Easy to operate with helpful warning guide.

How to clean the Warmer?

After cooling down, wipe the device with a damp cloth after each use. Descale your bottle warmer every 4 weeks. Mix 50ml/1.7oz white vinegar and 100ml/3.4 o.z cold water. Set at defrost setting then, turn up to baby bottle warmer. Let the mixture sit until all scale has dissolved while the bottle warmer operates.

Compatibility with Milk Bottles and Food Jars

This is a bit bigger model and the great thing is that you can use small medium and large size bottles which means you don't have to upgrade it when baby gets bigger. Its compact size makes it easy to store on a kitchen countertop or bedside table for nighttime feedings. All Philips Avent bottles, toddler cups and food jars fit in the warmer.

Problem with the Device

The only problem with this model is that it doesn't have an auto-off function because usually when you are feeding a hungry baby everything else has forgotten and parents sometimes seem to forget to turn it off. We hope to see that function in next models that can turn off itself after about 10-20 Minutes.

Product Specifications

  • Weight and Dimensions Product dimensions (WxHxD): 160.4 x 139.9 x 148.55 mm Retail pack dimensions (WxHxD): 175 x 185 x 160 mm

  • Country of origin Designed in Europe Produced in China

  • Technical specifications Power consumption 300 W Voltage 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz

Price Comparison

*Disclaimer: The price comparative is presented in good faith and believed to be correct at the time of publishing this article. TinyDiaries makes no representations or warranties as to the completeness or accuracy of the prices. Moreover, the prices or literatures does not constitute an offer to sell. We carefully check pricing and product specifications on different E-Commerce websites, but occasionally errors can occur, therefore we reserve the right to change both without notice. Some variations between picture and product may occur.

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