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How to set Baby’s medicine cabinet

Babies are delicate, they need our special and extra care. For  ensuring baby’s care and safety you need to set baby’s cabinet exclusive for medicines. Here is a list of essential items to keep in that cabinet

Pain reliever and fever reducer

Children’s acetaminophen or ibuprofen will bring relief but for baby under 3 months old consult a doctor. Also keep a digital thermometer

Insect Bite relief

For that keep calamine lotion or hydrocortisone cream on hands also keep a pack of cotton balls.

Splinter and tick removal

Tweezers are useful tools for getting a hold on hard to garb tiny objects. It should be sanitise before using.

Treatment for cuts and scrapes

A pack of adhesive bandage strips is a must have item.

Nail care

Nail clippers are also a must have item in  that cabinet


Babies skin are sensitive to sun rays to use a sunscreen lotion  use SPF 15 or higher

Insect repellent

It is extremely important to protect your child from mosquitoes

Relief from stuffy nose.

A bulb syringe will help you suck out all the mucus makes it easy for the baby to breathe


A must have to moisture your baby’s dry skin

Diaper rash treatment

Always apply rash cream when you change the diaper.

Please Note: Do ask your doctor before using things for your baby.

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