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Ibrahim - First Pakistani Kidsfluencer to officially collaborate with the Omar & Hana Islamic series

Omar & Hana, was released by an animated production Studio – Digital Durian in 2016, Malaysia. Since then, the series has won the hearts of millions of children around the globe. The animated series has three language versions, Malay, Arabic, and English.

Digital Durian makes it big in the online animation world with Islamic Content for toddlers. It uses fun songs and stories to teach children about the values and practices of Islam in an engaging and interactive way. Not only popular in Malaysia, but the series also managed to attract many fans from all over the world. It has crossed 4 million subscribers on Youtube and 1.5 billion views in three years. Whereas, the English version has more than 700,000 subscribers.

Little Ibrahim who is one of the few baby bloggers in Pakistan that has around 90,000 followers on Instagram, featured in the Ramadan Series of Omar & Hana which was launched to fill the gap in children's activities during the pandemic. Ibrahim, who is a big fan of the series, shared a few activities while learning and practicing the religion and Islamic values such as reading Holy Quran, praying Salah, giving charity, sharing food with neighbors, feeding the birds and painting Allah’s name, and so forth.

To introduce briefly about the animated series, Omar is six years old, a wise and curious child, and has strong beliefs, while Hana, who is four years old, is an active, brave, and cheerful girl. They invite children and family audiences to sing Islamic songs together. At the end of the song, there are traditions aimed at strengthening the message of goodness.

Ramadan Series was a good collaboration and involved 4 countries, namely I Australia, Canada, UK & Pakistan. Little Ibrahim was thrilled to represent Pakistan internationally and being a proud Pakistani and Muslim Kid, he owns and takes pride in Islamic values. We hope that the collaboration will not only be limited for Ramadan Series but will have more strategic partnerships in future InshaAllah.

Various songs and episodes of Omar & Hana can be watched directly on television or streaming via YouTube.

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