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Is it worth buying Diaper Genie expressions or not?

Along with many joys of motherhood come many diapers and of course, nobody want those special moments to be interrupted by unpleasant odors. Here comes the Diaper Pail.

Today, we’re gonna be looking at the Diaper Genie expressions by Playtex. I bought this from Toys R Us.

Let’s unbox it and see how it looks and what the features are.

- It has a one touch motion. You can just click the button here to open the lid, place a diaper inside, and you’re done.

- It has push and lock clamp to prevent odors from escaping.

- You need to insert bags inside the pale. Diaper Genie branded refills feature seven layers that lock in germs and provide the ultimate odor protection.

- The bag holds up to 50 diapers so you won’t be constantly emptying, but when you have to — that’s easy too.

- This model fits compact spaces really well.

- Its also has customaizable element. You can customize your pail with designer fabric sleeves which are sold separately.


Since, this model is not completely hands free so for those of you who might be squeamish about handling dirty diapers, you do have to put your hand inside and that might be a drawback for some people. Also, if you are handling a baby and trying to throw the diaper out, it can be a little challenging.

Secondly, the bag inserts are a bit expensive.

However, the next model has a foot pedal and that’s completely hands free. I am thinking to exchange this with the new one.

Now we can keep our nursery smelling fresh with this innovative Diaper Genie Expressions Pail.

Enjoy motherhood and don't worry about stinky diapers anymore!

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