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Jolly Jumper Weathershield for Strollers

Would you like to protect your child from the elements during stroller rides? Anyone will appreciate the clear durable water-repellent vinyl Tandem Weather Shield. This protects your baby from rain, sleet, snow and wind and blocks out 94% of harmful UV rays. Air holes allow your child to breathe easy and the stroller ride view is not obstructed because the Tandem Weather Shield is clear. It can be cleaned with a damp cloth.


• Protects baby from rain, sleet, snow and wind

• Lightly tinted for UV protection on cold, sunny days

• Plenty of ventilation holes for baby's comfort

• Phthalate Free

• Tinted for UV protection

• Provides seasonal protection for baby while out in the stroller (rain, sleet, snow and wind)

• Ventilation holes for baby's comfort

The Stroller Weather shield protects Ibrhaim from the elements and the see-through cover allows him to enjoy the sights while allowing us a clear view of him. Ventilation holes throughout the cover ensure good air circulation for his comfort.

It is generously sized to protect baby and suitably cover most tandem and travel system strollers.

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