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Little Ibrahim’s comfy travel buddy

If your baby loves to go for a drive or if you spend a lot of time on the go, it’s a no-brainer that a safe, comfortable and easy-to-use car seat is a must have item for your kiddo. There are several infant car seats models available in the market, however, figuring out which one to choose that is safest, affordable and right ride for your little one can be a difficult decision. That being said, we’re going to write a review about an infant car seat below.

What is an Infant Car Seat?

Before we do the review, let us first explain that what’s an Infant Car Seat? In the first few months, your baby’s bones and muscles are very delicate, especially those in the neck and spine. Infant safety seats are designed to make transporting your baby in a car safer and specifically for protecting those vulnerable areas and to reduce the risk of a potentially fatal injury. These seats always face the rear of the car and are used from day one until your baby reaches the seat’s height or weight limit (usually 22 to 35 pounds). Other types of car seats include convertible car seats. These grow-with-your-child seats transform from rear-facing seats for babies and toddlers to forward-facing seats for older children up to about 65 pounds.

What are the factors to take into consideration while buying an Infant Car Seat?

Here are some factors to take into consideration when choosing an Infant Car Seat. It should be easy to use and has excellent safety features in case of any accident. Moreover, it should be very handy to have a seat you can “grab and go” as an infant carrier which is one of the best benefits of infant seats.

One of the advantages of using an infant car seat is that your baby can stay asleep from travelling in the car to running errands without disrupting your little one’s snooze or exposing him to the elements!

Tinnies Carry Cot & Car Seat

Tinnies Carry Cot & Car Seat offers all these qualities that simplify your life. It has all the safety features you’d expect such as impact-absorbing material in the side wings and a newborn inlay to provide a better fit for a new baby. The car seat has a handle that is easy to use as well as straps that are comfortable to buckle and adjust. It is widely available, ideally in several colors and patterns to suit your taste including Green, Blue, Red, Pink, Brown, Orange and Black.


Nonetheless, there are a few limitations in this model. This seat is bulkier and heavier, so you might want to look at the weight of seat as well. Though, heavier seats, however, can absorb more bumps from the road and provide a comfier ride for your child. Secondly, the canopy is a bit small and not extendable enough to cover your baby from the sunlight or rain. Thirdly, to move the handlebar back and forth, you need to press buttons with both hands, which isn’t doable if you’re holding your baby.

Nevertheless, this seat can be installed quickly and easily and is simple to use for every trip. Besides, this car seat can also double as carrier, chair or rocker when not used in the car.

Warning: Do not make your baby sit in infant car seat for too long because so much time in car seat can limit baby’s movement and opportunities for stimulation, which are important for developing sensory and motor skills. It can also cause suffocation.

Price Range: Tinnies Car Seat will cost between PKR 6,000 – 7,500. There are multiple variants and you can buy as per your choice.

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