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Newborn essentials checklist

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

So yes before welcoming the baby all mothers should check their Newborn essentials checklist as they should be well equipped to welcome their baby and to take his/her care well. Well to make sure that you follow a decent budget and do not overload yourself with tons of products that you might end up not utilising at all. Therefore, having a minimalistic approach, here is a list of 'must-have' baby essentials you should have in your newborn checklist. Make sure you recheck all these essentials checklist while packing all the stuff for your baby. Here are few basic essentials keeping it all minimal and simple.

1. Diapers

2. Changing Sheet/ Mat - because accidents are bound to happen!

3. Baby carrier

4. Basic clothing items

5. Swaddling blankets

6. Car seat

7. Baby fingernail clippers

8. Burp cloths - you never know when they spit-up and ruin your favourite top. Better keep it on your shoulder.

9. Mittens

10. Night light in the room - We are using small battery candles :)

11. Dresser - you guys don't have any idea that these little human beings have so much stuff to keep in the dresser

13. Gripe water - Whether every baby had taken his mother's milk or not but I am sure Gripewater he must have taken :D .

14. Dropper to give medicine or syrup

15. Thermometer (We have AKU thermometer which is given to every baby at Aga Khan Hospital hehe)

16. Any rash creme - My mama is using Sudocream since my birth... Thank God I am saved from rashes :)

17. Wipes - any good one which is fragrance free and for the first few weeks, you can clean your baby during diaper changes with an ultra-soft paper towel or with clean cloth and warm water as sometimes wipes trigger allergies so it is better to be careful. After one month baby wipes can be used :)

18. Baby lotion or creme

19. Baby Oil for daily massage - babies loves oil massage in the morning and its good for them

20. Baby Bath - I will say not to use soap as baby bath is good for a wash, no need to buy baby shampoo :)

So, if I have missed anything (after all I am a mommy too) or anything important you have in your mind which can come under newborn essentials, do share with us. Your suggestion can help new moms :)

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