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Some Desi Parenting Totkas

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Almost every mother get these tips from her mother and elders for Parenting, these are simple yet very helpful parenting tips young parents should adopt and I am sure almost every mother follow these much common desi totkas for her baby on her mother or elderly women’s advices. These are simple ones and some are even endorsed by the doctors. They are harmless and in fact are very beneficial for the baby. I am listing few desi totkas mothers can apply for their baby care.

  • Wrapping the baby in a cloth and make sure his hands are well tied. This will ensure a peaceful baby sleep (this is very important otherwise babies feel restless while sleeping)

  • Applying the wet aata (Flour) on the forehead will remove the unwanted body hair. ( yes, that's true, My maid told me about this and I did it daily before giving bath to Ibrahim for 3 months consecutively and I am happy with the results)

  • Massaging baby well with olive oil and let him take some sunlight, it also cures the jaundice (Correct)

  • Giving Saunf (aniseed) water to the infant to cure gastric issues of the baby. (You can give Gripe Water as well, its the same thing)

  • Putting a saucer under the head of the baby pillow which will form the shape of baby’s head and baby’s head won’t be like egg shaped. (literally a saver for me otherwise its really difficult to set babies head properly)

  • For a good three hours sleep at night, you can give top feed to your baby. Filled Tummy makes both parents happy :)

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